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With nutritional support and guidance as well as implementation of exercise 4-5 times a week you could see optimal results.

  • In 2 months you could lose up to 25 lbs
  • In 4 months you could lose up to 50 lbs or more
  • 12 weeks is recommended for each package at minimum. You can repeat this program as many times as you need to until you reach your weight loss goals!

Our weight loss packages are month to month, no contracts! We do not file with insurance. Cash/Card only please. If 3 months are paid up front we will extend a discount.

Semaglutide Information:

Semaglutide is an anti-diabetic medication used for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes and chronic weight management. Semaglutide acts like human glucagon-like peptide-1 such that it increases insulin secretions, thereby increasing sugar metabolism (GLP-1 agonist).

The exact mechanism of action is not known. It may be a result of the delayed gastric emptying or activation of the centers involved in appetite regulation, satiety, and nausea.

Side effects can include nausea/vomiting when starting or increasing a dose. This can be mitigated with small, frequent meals. It helps to pay attention to decreasing the amount of fluids taken in with meals. Anti-nausea medications can help with this as well. Other non-medication options for nausea include ginger candies, peppermint essential oil, and vitamin B6. It is also helpful to stay hydrated, remain upright post meals, avoid strong smells, and avoid spicy foods. Limit alcohol intake as well.

Constipation must be managed on Semaglutide. Please be mindful of changes in bowel habits so that a solution can be discussed to keep the bowels moving. Hydration is, again, very important. Some medications may absorb slower than normal due to delayed gastric emptying. All medications need to be discussed when starting this peptide. Any new meds need to be discussed, as well as informing other providers of your use of Semaglutide.

Rare, but more severe side effects, can include increased resting heart rate, worsening of gallbladder disease, pancreatitis, worsening depression (with all weight loss meds), kidney injury (with dehydration), thyroid tumors, especially in patients with a personal or family history of medullary thyroid carcinoma. Please keep your provider informed of any history of the above or any symptoms you believe to be related to these issues. (Half-life of peptide is approx. 1 week).

When planning to start this peptide, be mindful of how much food or liquid is in your stomach. Too much can cause discomfort and nausea/ vomiting. The first dose, or when increasing the dose, is when this side effect is the most severe.